Steven Herrod

School Principal

Principal’s Welcome Message 

Welcome to New Gateway International School.
Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Steven Herrod, I am very proud and honored to be the Principal of NGIS. I have spent over 25 years working in international schools throughout South East Asia. I have gained extensive academic and school leadership experience, teaching in and managing at some of the most well respected top tier international schools in SEA. My background and tertiary education was originally in Health Sciences which provided the foundation for and enabled my transition to become a teacher of Science. Over the past 25 years I have been fortunate to advance from teaching and then into school leadership positions, such as Head Teacher, Academic Manager, Headmaster, Vice Principal, Principal and Head of School.
As an educator and parent myself I certainly know the importance of a well-balanced education delivered in an environment that is truly conducive to the students’ academic development and personal wellbeing. NGIS has been established to guide, groom and empower our students with the essential knowledge, skills and abilities which are necessary to achieve success and prosper in life. NGIS Students are motivated to develop a desire to learn and gain a solid intellect, while also developing sound morals and a fine character. NGIS is committed to achieving this goal, it is our obligation and duty to produce students who are confident, self-assured in their abilities and knowledge and will prosper and contribute as respectable members of our local and global communities, most importantly NGIS students will develop into confident, responsible, honorable people who are respectful, caring, polite and honest. These very important attributes are the essence of achieving a positive character and personal wellbeing.  At NGIS we strive to deliver the best quality academic programs available, while providing a safe and nurturing school environment. 
NGIS success and accomplishments has been realized through the vision, dedication and commitment of our school President Madame Bun Nary, Vice President Socheata Na, by providing their support and guidance along with the cooperation and participation of all NGIS stakeholders, parents, teachers, students and staff who contribute together as our school community, and are responsible for the great success and reputation NGIS now enjoys. We have built a wonderful school, a school we are very proud of and most importantly a school your child will be equally proud and happy to attend.  
We have created this website for your benefit. I welcome and encourage you to navigate through our school website to review the information provided and learn more about NGIS, however if there is something we missed, or you have a specific question, you are welcome to contact our customer service staff anytime during our normal business hours or even stop by one of our campuses for a personal school visit.  I warmly welcome you to New Gateway International School. If you would like to contact me for any reason you may schedule an appointment through our customer service desk and I will certainly make myself available to you. 

Warmest Regards 
Steven Herrod 
New Gateway International School