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Dr. Henry Skupek PhD

School Principal

Dear Parents, Students, and the wider Community

It is with great pleasure and excitement, that I welcome you to the New Gateway International School (NGIS). As a parent, deciding your child’s education, is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. With NGIS, you are Choosing a school that offers your child a Top-Tiered, Trilingual (English, Khmer, Chinese), truly International Education program that Incorporates Scientific, and Educational Research Proven Teaching Methodologies, a Globally Recognised Curriculum, and Strong Core Values.

At the New Gateway International School, we believe that Every Student has the Potential to Develop into a well-rounded Global Leader, who is capable of Mastering the Skills that are Essential to Achieving Academic Excellence and Success in an ever-changing world.


We Equip our Students to be:

Improvement Driven

Life Long Learners

Critical Thinkers

Problem Solvers


While also Acquiring the following Skills:

Social Awareness



Management (Organisational and Time)


Our Skilled and Devoted Teachers ensure that each student is Challenged, Encouraged, Empowered, and Prepared for Success by use of the NGIS Educational System.

We offer a World class Academic Program for Students of all ages, from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our Comprehensive Program is like no other, Providing our students with Skills and Experience that Prepares Them to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Our Comprehensive International Program Incorporates the British Cambridge Curriculum, Khmer National Curriculum, and a Chinese Program. This Comprehensive Program is pivotal in University Admissions decisions in Cambodia, and Worldwide.

It is Our Mission to make sure All Students take Ownership of their Education, and to Shape a Positive Learning Culture and Future.

I am Honored and Privileged to be a part of this Community where Parents, Teachers, and Students, can come together, and Strive to Build positive Relationships that Support Academic Achievement, and Social Growth, while Maintaining a Global Perspective in a Constantly Changing World.

In Seeking the Best for Your Child, I look forward to Your Child joining our Community at the New Gateway International School, where We can Work Together in your Child’s Growth and Development, so your Child can become the Best Version of themselves.


Seek Excellence

Dr. Henry Skupek PhD.

School Principal

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