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Student Writing

About New Gateway

A Lively Learning Experience

New Gateway International School (NGIS) was founded in 2011, by Madam Bun Nary, who has more than 30 years of experience in management positions,  locally and internationally, in government and the private sector, and was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the United Kingdom.


NGIS promotes itself through the first tri-lingual academic program in Cambodia.  Our students study:

  1. Khmer General Programs authorized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport for Cambodian Government, 

  2. Cambridge English Language Proficiency programs, and

  3.  Chinese Language Programs authorized by the Chinese Republic.

NGIS not only provides the first tri-lingual academic programs in Cambodia, but also many supporting services like classrooms equipped with air-conditioners, a research library, a research laboratory, computer laboratory, video room, sport club (swimming, soccer, running, etc.), nursing service, and sanitary canteen. Furthermore, other extra-curricular activities are also included such as arts, music, study tours, and other outdoor activities.


To ensure the educational qualities of each student, NGIS prioritizes the face-to-face learning base and arranges regularly scheduled teacher-parent conferences. At the end of each semester, NGIS reports academic progress to students’ parents in order that parents and guardians may follow up and keep track with their children’s progress. 


The educational goals of NGIS are to combine the best academic qualities with virtue, humanitarianism, and leadership. The NGIS educational system entertains children through fun and enjoyable teaching-learning activities, and provides parents and guardians 100 percent confidence while they are not even in the school areas.


The improvement of NGIS is the improvement of the Cambodian society.

Thank you!

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