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The Academic Contest Center @ New Gateway International School

International Mathematics Tournament 2017

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Contest Date: October 28, 2017


Students in Grades 5-8 (British years 6-9) may participate in the middle school level.

An affiliate of the Mathematical Olympiad for Middle and Elementary Schools based in New York, the International Mathematics Tournament is designed to provide true international competition.   Last year nearly 170,000 students from 6,000 teams in approximately 30 countries worldwide participated in the Olympiads. 

Registration Deadline: October 14, 2017 

Beaver Computing Challenge


Contest Dates: November 6-13, 2017


Students in Grade 7, 8, 9 or 10.

The Beaver Computing Challenge is a worldwide online challenge run by the University of Waterloo in Canada.  It is a problem solving contest with a focus on computational and logical thinking. Questions are inspired by topics in computer science but only require comfort with concepts found in common mathematics curriculum.

Registration deadline: October 25, 2017

Canadian Senior and Intermediate 
Mathematics Contests

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Contest Date: November 23, 2017


Students in Grades 10 or 9 or below (CIMC) and senior secondary school and CÉGEP students (CSMC); motivated students in lower grades are also encouraged to write these contests.

The Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CSMC and CIMC) are two contests designed to give students the opportunity to have fun and to develop their mathematical problem solving ability.

Registration Deadline: November 3, 2017

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